Best Job in the world

I must be one of the luckiest guys alive. I get to help people, help other people.

Making friendships all over Peru and seeing the lives of families, especially children, change as a result of the hundreds of Voluntoursists that have joined me, has to be one of the most gratifying things ever.

This is a “shout-out” to all of you who cared enough to come. If you haven’t been here yet, let’s talk.


About iquitospaul

My name is Paul Opp, 10 years ago I made my first journey to Peru and fell in love with the culture, the people and the country. Two years later I moved here, adopted two Peruvian daughters and started a non-profit called People of Peru Project. We opened a crisis center for abused girls, a free medical and dental clinic and an educational support program for poor children in the Iquitos area. We also provide services for people all over the country from high in the Andes above Cusco to the Amazon River basin. I have worked with hundreds of groups planning trips to this amazing country, from luxury vacations to working in the slums of Belen, if you really want to meet and get to know the people and culture then Peru Vountours is the place for you.
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